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The constant challenge for the KFA,the leader of the Smart Factory, continues.

  • Overview
  • Effectiveness
  • Configuration
  • Methodology
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The MES, which is called as integrated production management system, is the system to manage the all the production activities from order to completion of the product, pursues high quality production benefit oriented system by gathering, analyzing, monitoring and controlling all the information of shop floor such as production results, operator activities, equipment operation and product quality information. The MES interface with automatic system such as equipment, moving equipment, PLC and devices, and also interface with planning system or ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) to realize the Smart Factory.


As per the actual effectiveness of MES which the MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) international investigates from several manufacturing companies, the cycle times of production are reduced 45%, data input times are reduced more than 75%, and the WIP(Work in Process) are reduced 24%, and the documentation works between work shift are reduced 61%, and delay times are reduced 27%, and documentation losses are reduced 56%, and the defects of the product are reduced 18%.

  • Business
    • Sharing real-time production information
      - Real-time production tracking
      - Quality & NG Information
      - Equipment operation rate
    • Raw material input and production management by process
    • Transparency of work(Reliability)
    • Decision Support(Reflect line situation)
  • Cost
    • Rationalization of management (Production, Materials, Purchasing)
    • Cost savings(Improved availability of inventory)
    • Improve productivity(Reduce manpower)
    • Reduce production lead time / cycle time
    • Improving facility utilization rate
    • Efficient human/material resource management improvement through process improvement
  • Production and management
    • Information infra construction
    • Increase efficiency of work by applying new technology
    • Real-time worker performance processing
    • Increase worker productivity (remove document-related work)
    • Prevention of heterogeneous mounting (message, alarm)
  • Customer Service
    • Quality improvement(Ensuring customer reliability)
    • Improve delivery rate (transparent production information)



· Planning Control

This is the system to dispatch the confirmed sequence plan by station, which is changed as per the emergency situation (Lack of Parts, Equipment Trouble, etc.,) from production plan information received from ERP.


· Order Management

The workers and equipment does not know the number of planed products and its specification. Before the introduction of the system, the daily production specifications were manually created and delivered to the operator, but it can cause confusion if the plan is changed during production. The production order management system removes the judgment at discretion by worker and supports full miproduction by ordering to worker or production equipment in real-time. It is possible to use the printer and monitor for worker production order, and the automated equipment are operated using coded information.


· Production Results Gathering

The production result gathering and aggregate system is using the media(Barcode, RF-Tag, PLC, Sensor, Limit Switch, etc.,) or equipment automatically by station. The gathered data is aggregated and analyzed at MES, and it is used for other systems such as Sales, Production Management, Inventory Management and so on. And also the gathered data is transferred to ERP in real-time.


· Progress Management

It is possible to reduce the production loss by grasping the production progress status, and immediate response for station troubles. And the record of the production history are used for the monitoring of the production status, and confirming the campaign scope for the quality problem, and preparing the logistics of completed products.


· Quality Management

All the quality information during the production are gathered from manual registration through terminal and automatic equipment interface. All the history of the products are saved and it is possible to trace the input material, station, equipment, worker, inspection condition and results, and unique ID(Parts Number), and it is possible to cope with the quality problem based on the traced information.


· Process Control

It controls the path of the products automatically, and controls the work specification and equipment. So, it is required to interface with conveyor and equipment, and it is possible to operate without worker.


· Equipment Management

It gathers operation status, alarm status information of production equipment in real-time, and warns to maintenance department as per the alarm level, and used for the predictive maintenance information by analyzing the statistic information, and then monitors all the operation status of equipment in real-time.


· Process logistics

Implement real-time parts input instructions to prevent product line shortage. Build a demand-based production response system that can flexibly respond to market changes. Real-time material supply management system based on production performance information can be constructed.


· Status Management

It is used for the enhancement of the productivity using gathered data from production results gathering and progress management based on the various gathering conditions(by product/date/station) in real-time. And it supplies the station stock, completed stock and parts stock information for the productivity management.

Business Process

IT Platform


We, the KFA have the successive experience from automation system of single equipment, interlock automation and integrated automation during more than 30 years at manufacturing industry. And it is enhanced to FMS(Flexible Management System), CIM, POP, and then become a leader of MES implementation which is the essential of the realizing smart factory which is called the flower of manufacturing IT system. We, the KFA have various know-how of business process and components of manufacturing industry, and we supplies the MES system with low cost and high quality using the accumulated components which applies MESA & ISA standards.

Sample Screen

  • Planning Control - Sequence Release

  • Progress Management - Tracking

  • Status Management - Production Result Status

  • Display Board

  • Equipment Management - Monitoring

  • Process Quality - Normal Distribution Chart

  • Production Ordering - Display

  • Production Ordering - Robot/Equipment

  • Production Ordering - Sheet