Korea FA Systems Co., Ltd.

The constant challenge for the KFA,the leader of the Smart Factory, continues.


The PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) auto controls the equipment by execute the program in the memory area. The applied scopes of the PLC are increasing as per the automation of the equipment and the request of high productivity. Recently the PLC is applied from small machine tool to huge equipment as per the factory automation and FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System) implementation. It is the essential element of Smart Factory as it is possible to communicate with other PLC and computer, and perform also the distribution control and central control.


We have a lot of experiences and know-how in PLC control parts for stand-alone automation system and integrated automation system by connecting to the various PLCs.

  • 1. Automotive AreaConveyor Line Control, Transmission Line Control, Robot Control, Press Machine Control, AWS Control, Paint Shop Control, Machine Tool Control, etc.
  • 2. SteelLoading & Unloading Control, Raw Material Transportation Control, Delivery Control, etc.
  • 3. OthersWaste Incinerator Control, Compressor Control, Water Supply Pump Control
  • Control Panel
  • Body Shop JIG Equipment


Handling PLC Makers

  • Allen Bradley
    ·ControlLogix Controller
    ·CompactLogix Controller
    ·SLC 500
    ·Micro 800
    ·MicroLogix Controller

    ·MELSEC-A Series
    ·MELSEC-Q Series
    ·MELSEC-L Series
    ·MELSEC-F Series
    ·MELSEC iQ Series

    ·SIMATIC S5 Series
    ·SIMATIC S7 Series

  • Fuji Electric
    ·MICREX-F Series
    ·MICREX-SX Series

  • LS IS
    ·Master-K Series
    ·GLOFA-GM Series
    ·XGT Series
    ·XGB Series