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  • Overview
  • Configuration
  • Example


EMS(Energy Management System) is a system for increasing the energy saving and efficiency through real-time monitoring and analysis in connection with the measurement equipment of each energy source and analysis S/W, etc. with wired/wireless communication network.

  • Energy-related
    data collection
  • Monitoring &
  • Establish how to
    save energy


  • Reduce energy costs
  • Systematic energy management based on accumulation data
  • Integrated management of multi-site energy due to application of cloud technology
  • Efficient energy management using energy modeling benchmarking
  • Supporting goal setting reflecting energy demand forecast
  • Responding to corporate goal and Emission Trading System

Applied to

  • Building
  • Factory
  • Public
  • Apartment house

System Configuration

Sample Screen

  • Energy Dashboard
  • Compare with energy usage
  • Electric Peak Monitoring
  • Smart Phone App