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The SPC(Statistic Process Control) system is the integrated quality management system to acquire the process quality by removing the inefficient factors as per the analysis of the inspection data trend and cycle which is gathered from production line in real-time. It realizes the customer satisfaction and strengthen the competitiveness through quick information sharing and enterprise quality control by web based system implementation.


  • 01
    Effective data gathering, store, analysis and management for huge inspection data
  • 02
    Indicate the improvement method by grasping the defect of the production process systematically
  • 03
    Improve the work efficiency, and the reliability for quality system
  • 04
    Decrease the inspection and test cost
  • 05
    Customer satisfaction, Strengthen the competitiveness, Cope with the PL(Product Liability) Law



Sample Screen

  • Basic Information
  • SPC Analysis
  • Yield Analysis
  • Improvement measures
  • Management Information
  • System Administration