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    Smart technology for factory automation systemsOpen the standard for MES solutions.

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    Build your present based on our accumulated experience, Design the future.

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  • Future of Smart Automation System

    Equipment Control, Data Analysis & Forecasting, Customized Solutions Korea FA System is together.

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  • 01MES Solution

    The MES is the system to manage the all the production activities from order to completion of the product, pursues high quality production benefit oriented system by gathering, analyzing, monitoring and controlling all the information of shop floor such as production results, operator activities, equipment operation and product quality information.
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  • 02POP System

    The POP system is to gather, analyze and inquire all the data which is generated at the production line such as production result, stock, WIP(Work In Process), inventory, quality, equipment operation and trouble in real-time under the production plan and order.
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  • 03Logistics Management System

    The logistics management system is an operating system to support inbound logistics, in-house logistics, and outbound logistics in line with the logistics flow. It means an integrated logistics operation and support system for stable supply of logistics according to the production plan of each site.
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  • 04AWS(Auto Storage System)

    AWS generally consists of stacker crane which delivers the product, rack equipment which stores the product and automatic control system.
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  • 05SPC System

    The SPC system is the integrated quality management system to acquire the process quality by removing the inefficient factors as per the analysis of the inspection data trend and cycle which is gathered from production line in real-time.
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  • 06Control Technology

    Control technology is not only capable of automatic control and monitoring of equipment, but also the essential technology of Smart Factory as it is possible to communicate with other PLC and computer, and also perform the distributed control and central control.
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  • 07RF-ID System

    The RF-ID system is a system that automatically reads tag information when an object with an RF-ID tag is passed through the antenna, and transmits the tag information to the PC to process related tasks.
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  • 08Energy Management System

    EMS is a system for increasing the energy saving and efficiency through real-time monitoring and analysis in connection with the measurement equipment of each energy source and analysis S/W, etc. with wired/wireless communication network.
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  • 09Crane Control System

    Crane control system with 'anti-swing control technology' improves work efficiency and safety by reducing vibration of goods while crane moving(acceleration / deceleration).
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  • IoT / M2M Controller

    FiTSA is a solution adapter which various devices can connect to and automatically it converts the data from different maker's equipment or other models in the field into the required format and save it or send it to the upper system in real time.

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  • Solutions for building factory automation monitoring systems
    FA Master

    FA Master is an optimal solution based on WEB to quickly and easily monitor and control the factory automation system. FA Master makes it possible to communicate with various equipment and make monitoring screen by simple operation.

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  • Uninterrupted IT infra operation Solution

    It has been big challenges for IT administrators to keep uninterrupted IT infrastructure. MCCS Enterprise provides all-in-one solution for physical, virtual and mixed complex infrastructures including failover clustering and real-time block replication.

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About Company

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Implementation History

  • [Public] Seoul Asan Hospital Medical Information Upgrading Project
  • [Automobile(Oversea)] Hyundai Motors Czech GMES Upgrade
  • [Module Factory(Oversea)] Hyundai Mobis Chongqing Plant MES Upgrade
  • [Automobile(Domestic)] Daelim Motors Material MES Buiidup
  • [Module Factory(Domestic)] Hyundai Mobis Ulsan Decelerator/PE Module Line MES
  • [Parts Factory(Domestic)] Hyundai Dymos Seosan #2 Plant 7-speed DCT System Buiidup
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