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The AWS(Automatic Warehouse System) can be configured with several methods(Mono Stacker, Unit Rack, Rack Building, etc.,), and it should be designed the optimized method and configuration considering with the shape and weight of product, and logistic process between station. It generally consists of Stacker Crane which delivers the product, Rack equipment which stores the product and automatic control system.


  • 1Rack
  • 2Stacker Crane
  • 3Stacker Crane Control Panel
    ·Control Board
    ·Control Program
    Location learning control : Improving AWS
    reliability and reducing on-site coordination time
    Control circuits package : improving quality and
    maintenance, shortening the installation period
  • 4Conveyor
  • 5Automatic Control Program


The AWS system is implemented with unmanned operation by integration with MES/POP. We have control technology team who have various experience in Equipment Design, Interlock Control, Inverter Control, Control Design, Operation and installation, and we have a lot of experience for storage control since 1988.

Sample Screen

  • AWS Tracking
  • AWS Stock