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The crane that transports the goods has a lot of swing when moving, and it is also difficult to shorten the cycle time because the movement deviations caused by Crane's operator are generated. Our crane control system with 'anti-swing control technology' improves work efficiency and safety by reducing vibration of goods while crane moving(acceleration / deceleration).


It is possible to operate stably even beginners and using only robust basic functionality can make stability and efficient improve.

  • Reduce work time
    Shortening cycle time by improving
    efficiency by preventing swing
  • Improved safety
    Prevention of accident such as contact
    or collision when moving crane
  • Standardized work
    Solving the problem of lack of
    expert by standardizing work


It can be applied to the crane of the major makers and can be added to the existing installed crane, so the existing equipment can be used as it is. In addition, the basic functions are so various that can set to accommodate different speed patterns and moving distance depending on the type of goods.

  • Anti-swing control function
    You can reduce the vibration by changing the speed pattern according to goods.
  • Semi-automatic /
    manual switching Driving
    Anti-vibration control Operation and manual driving can be switched.
  • Fully automatic Driving(optional)
    Fully automatic Driving function can be installed.
  • Pattern Driving
    It drives with the speed pattern which is determined according to the distance of straight moving and traversing
  • Avoidance Driving
    If you register an area to avoid in advance, avoid the position and drive.
  • Waypoint Driving
    If you register a waypoint in advance, it will travel via that location.
  • Wrong Destination Warning
    If the destination is registered incorrectly, warn through the check function before driving.

System Configuration

Application example

Factory Ceiling Crane System
This system significantly reduces waiting time for minute alignment and stop swing when moving to a crane or finding stocks.

Sample Screen

  • Target Location Setting
  • Mold Setting
  • Display Crane Status
  • Driving Trend