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The logistics management system is an operating system to support inbound logistics, in-house logistics, and outbound logistics in line with the logistics flow. It means an integrated logistics operation and support system for stable supply of logistics according to the production plan of each site.
Logistics management system can be effectively operated by close interface with systems such as real-time inventory management, input(delivery) instruction, visualization, ERP, MES and etc.
We are building a system that provides reliability, stability, prompt response, and flexibility to improve logistics efficiency and productivity.



  • Minimize inventory
    Reduce inventory costs
    Optimization of warehouse utilization
  • Material supply optimization
    Prevention of shortage by establishing supply plan
    Reduce logistics costs by reducing lead time
  • Establishment of standard logistics system
    Improve work ability by standardization
    Improved accuracy of work by standard system
    Securing competitiveness of logistics in enterprises
  • Logistics visualization
    Improved management through real-time field management
    Improve work efficiency by analyzing inventory data